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Why Should You Join? Here is what they say……

Why sign up?

Nobody’s voice is as powerful as yours. As a consumer, you are uniquely positioned to share your perspective with businesses, telling them what you expect in order for them to receive your money in a transaction. So, why not make money online by taking surveys that provide information to your favorite company?


Earning cash and other survey rewards

Opinion Outpost wants to reward you for your opinions and let you know we appreciate your time. After taking your first online survey, you’ll begin to earn points which can later be redeemed for cash via PayPal or for gift cards to top brands like Amazon.com* and iTunes*.

We’re also very proud to be the only online survey vendor that offers a quarterly $10,000 prize draw, and every survey taken qualifies you for another shot at the cash prize.

Businesses want your feedback, and taking paid surveys online with Opinion Outpost is the perfect way to make money quickly for sharing your opinion. Sign up today and earn some extra cash now!


Here is what I Say…

Earning money from this site is a no brainer, anyone can do it even you.

Here is a little how it works..

Click Here to Sign Up – Answer all the registration questions and more specific questions about you, your household, and the devices you use.

Verify Your Email – Check your email sometimes you have to check the spam folders too. Most surveys are sent during the day mornings till the afternoons so check during those times.

Take Surveys – Surveys typically take 5-15 minutes,.



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